I caught the blog bug….

This is my first blog ever. 

I’ve always been a little hesitant about blogging for a few reasons.  Albeit, so many of my friends are using them now and I want to be able to connect with them and share my own experiences as well.  Also, I’ve decided that I will ‘photo blog’ all of my photography events.  [Thanks to Brooke Delatte for inspiring this!]  I’m a little nervous, yet excited, about the doors that this will open up. 

This site has been under construction for roughly a month (limited time available to put effort into it).  Please let me know if you have any general feedback, comments, or suggestions! 

Wish me luck!  🙂

My Passion for Photography

Here are some of my favorite photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

~Portraits~Graduation~Couples/Engagement~Bridal~Wedding (Pre-Ceremony/Ceremony/Reception)~Maternity~Newborn~Children~ 


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