The ‘Unpublished’

During photo sessions, I am constantly looking for shots that ‘tell a story’ and creative vantage points.  I never stop shooting  because I’m scared to miss real, special moments when they happen.  True, I will occasionally glance back at a shot here and there to ensure the quality and lighting are correct.  But for the most part, it is not until I get home and download my photos that I see the true results from the photo shoot.  This is my favorite part of photography- discovering the precious treasures that I have captured! 

But of course, among those treasures are the photos that won’t make it to the final customer album.  They are the ‘Unpublished’.  They are real, uncoordinated, and sometimes not pretty.  But that is exactly why I enjoy them. 

Some of my all-time favorite ‘Unpublished’ photos:

     ~The Group Shot~

          Many group shots fall victim to the ‘Unpublished’ for obvious reasons.  It is hard enough to make posed shots look natural on their own.  On top of that, it requires much coordination to get everyone looking at the same time, especially when children are involved. 

     ~The Sleepy Child~

          Children are either happy and delighted to smile big for the camera… or they have tired out and want no part of it.  There seems to be no in between.


     ~The Wacky Impulse~

          It never fails, at some point during a photo shoot, someone gets a random impulse to do something silly right as you are snapping the photo.  These are typically alcohol induced but also indicative of the ‘class clown’ personality types.


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