My ‘Anywhere’ Camera

I own three, rather expensive cameras (a Nikon, a Canon, and a Sony), which I deem my ‘professional’ cameras.  Two are digital and one is a 35mm.  I use them strictly for photo sessions or ‘funtography’ adventures for the comfort of reliability.  I take great care to ensure that they are properly cleaned and damage free.   

Unfortunately, up until recently, that meant most of my personal hobbies had no means of being documented since they lent themselves to unfriendly camera conditions.  I figured that was the way it just had to be- UNTIL…..

My ‘Anywhere’ Camera

Then, for Christmas 2009, my boyfriend bought me one of the best presents I’ve ever received!  It is a Casio Exilim, waterproof, shock-resistant camera. What a difference this camera has made in my life!  My boyfriend has enabled my obsession by providing a method to document all facets of my life, including the rough, windy, dusty, rainy, snowy, wet, murky, and muddy places!   

Follow the adventures of where me & my camera have been:

~Swimming in Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee & Jamaica~

~Hot Tub in Colorado and Tennessee~

~Lazy River in Vegas and Jamaica~

~Water Skiing in Alabama~

~Boating in Alabama and Jamaica~

~Snow Skiing in Colorado~

~Jet Skiing in Jamaica~

~Parasailing in Jamaica~


~Jumping Off 30-foot Rocks in Alabama~

~Super Brawler in Alabama~

~Amusement Rides in Vegas~

~Go Carts in Tennessee~


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