Decorating Dilemma

To my splendid suprise, a lunch meeting for today was cancelled and I found myself with a window of opportunity to do something fun (i.e. non-work related).  Therefore, I decided to pick up Quizno’s and then perouse the shelves of Michael’s art & craft store.  My goal was to find storage and organization ideas for my art/photography room.

During my search, I stumbled across this ‘Mega Coffee Mug’ and ideas started flowing…. hence, my decorating dilemma!!!  [FYI- This mug is paintable!]

Decisions, decisions…..

  • Option #1– Centerpiece on my art table to hold all of my paint brushes in my art/photography room. 

  • Option #2– Photography prop for silly photos

  • Option #3– Centerpiece on my diningroom table or in my kitchen with coffee beans/flowers or other decor in it


  • Option #4– Centerpiece in my office with artificial flowers or real plant.  *This is a newly emerging idea since the mug is becoming quite the hit around the office.  The laughter hasn’t stopped.

So there is my dilemma!  They all seem like great ideas and yet I struggle with which I feel is the best.   Any feedback/suggestions is welcome!

[It’s kind of sad, yet relieving, that this is the biggest decision I am being faced with for today.]  Update:  Err, nevermind… bigger decisions soon followed.  LOL


One thought on “Decorating Dilemma

  1. The flowers were pretty. Can put your change from the day for a future trip. Turn it over and use as a foot stool. Put something you can like on the bottom and key him scoop it out. Magazine holder.

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