‘Fall’ in love

Possibly conditioned (and/or perhaps moreso affected) by being raised in the north, fall’s increase of winds, rustling of leaves, and changing of foilage to sepia, golden, crimson, and amber tones trigger my internal clock to become attuned to the approaching clensing of Mother Nature.  I have fallen in love with the promise that it brings:  closing the door on the past and starting over fresh.

After enduring the chilly embrace of Old Man Winter followed by the cool kisses of spring, summer offers a welcomed hug of warmth and energy.  But then late August rages through on its fiery stallion of scorching heat and humidity, stripping everything in its path of moisture and beauty.   Intro fall *sigh*, my favorite season (albeit a very narrow victory over spring).  Autumn’s cool breezes soothe the burn and slough off the damaged layer in prep for a rejuvenating slumber and Mother Nature’s green thumb. (~Me)

Falls also sets the stage for the approaching holidays, causing my inner child to become giddy.  (sorry, I haven’t fully developed all the thoughts below yet- lol)

Early October winds sprinkle cravings for apple orchards, cidar mills, warm desserts, anything pumpkin-spiced, and corn fields.  Football games, boots, scarves, layered clothing, jackets/sweaters, fluffy blankets, thick socks, (more) coffee, and velvety hot cocoa are indulgences reintroduced into normal routines.  As Halloween approaches, hay bales, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, candy, and children in costumes stir up memories long stashed away.   

Gales of November encourage soups/gumbos as meals, heated seats, fireplaces, and bon fires.  Turkey, sweet potatos, pumpkin pie… 

Gusts of December sing Christmas music.  Online Christmas shopping, sales, candles, decorating, Christmas trees, wrapping presents, fireplaces, mistletoe.

New Years Eve, fireworks, and champagne…

And then there is starting over in a relationship, rekindling the butterflies, and ultimately ‘falling’ back in love ❤


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