365 Day Project- Day 1


Today’s Outfit:  The Color Purple… and grey

*Today will be brutally honest to my typical routine since I didn’t have the project idea until my commute to work. 🙂


Hair                     Washed & blown dry, no products, no styling

Makeup               Usual, which is minimal

Nails                     No polish

Jewelry                 No rings, no necklace, grey & purple earrings

Jacket                   None

Tops                      Purple button-down cardigan from Old Navy

                             Cream undershirt from Aeropostale

Bottoms                Grey dress pants from JC Penney

Shoes                   Grey flats from Charlotte Russe

Purse                    Grey & ivory clutch from Charming Charlie

What Do I Dislike?

  • My hair doesn’t look polished; albeit, it is raining today
  • My grey flats are becoming worn- need new ones

What Could Be Better?

  • According to the inverted V body style recommendations, I should be wearing a nude or dark cami under my sweater.  Could’ve done dark grey.
  • Whenever possible, I should wear dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom

What Do I Like?

  • I love this color purple
  • The grey in the buttons on the sweater match the color of the pants perfectly
  • The deep V of my sweater gives the illusion of a longer torso and smaller chest
  • The length of the arms of my sweater and the legs of my pants are perfect.  (This used to be a challenge for me.)
  • The waist of my pants fit well, which is usually difficult in finding pants this long

Overall Opinion

  • The only thing I have going for me in this outfit (and hair, makeup, accessories) is the lovely purple color of the sweater.  Other than that, I’d blend away like a boring fog.

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