Dressing For Success (My 365 Photo Project)!!

For some time, I’ve wanted to do a 365 day photo project.  I have seen many topic ideas but none intrigued me to the point I felt I would finish it. 

Another iron I had in the fire was to start focusing on my style.  I have always been low maintenance… or more appropriate, low effort… on my hair, makeup, nails, outfit selections, accessories, purses, etc.  My purchasing method was an impulsive selection of pretty items that ‘fit’ without much consideration of fabric or cut.  This left me with many items that I never wear (still have tags), have limited matching power, and/or wear out quickly.  As of recently, I have been investing time in learning how to build a good wardrobe (love pinterest!), starting off with the basics and adding versatile, quality pieces to.  I also discovered that garments that ‘fit’ don’t always ‘flatter’ if not complimentary to my inverted-V body shape. 

So fast forward to this morning’s commute to work…  While sitting in traffic, I was reflecting on my outfit of choice and the usual, hellish ‘what-to-wear-to-work?’ process I go through every day as a non-morning person.  I remembered a clip (see below) from the movie Clueless and dreamed of Cher’s virtual closet. 


Then,*wah-la!*, the brilliant idea to merge the two efforts into a 365 day, photo project was born! 

The focus of this project will be my work wardrobe.  It’s perfect since I spend the most stress, money and time in my work attire.  What I am looking to gain from this project is the following: 

  1. An understanding of how I currently dress and areas to improve through daily, instagram photos
  2. Acquisition of 20 (wear each once per month) flattering, polished work outfits that demonstrate my professional, artistic character   
  3. Smaller, smarter wardrobe that can fit in our consolidated closet
  4. And, of course, improve my photography skills (I’ll have to get inventive with my daily outfit photos)

At the end of this project, I should be able to look back at the beginning photos (and groan) to see how I improved!  Some other side benefits may include getting to know what I like better as far as items and colors.  To make it even more fun, here are a few predictions/truths for future me to reflect back on and/or see if they came true during this project. 

  • Two more grandchildren will be born in the Moreau family (Ashley & Aprel)
  • Jenny & David will be married
  • I will no longer have braces! 
  • Beau & I will get engaged
  • Obama will lose the presidential election
  • Patti will get pregnant for her 4th child
  • Beau will buy a new car
  • I will get promoted at work

Stay tuned for my outfit for today!!!


3 thoughts on “Dressing For Success (My 365 Photo Project)!!

  1. I can’t wait to see you everyday!
    I like this idea. I hate shopping and never cared what I dressed like. All I wanted was for my clothes to fill like I’m wearing a baggy t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. But that never happens. I haven’t bought new clothes since end of 2010! But now that I’m in New York I do want to try harder…maybe. So I look forward to your project. I also think you should visit me in NYC and we can go shopping!

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