365 Day Project- Day 2


Today’s Outfit:  Seafoam & Sienna

Hair                       Washed & blown dry, no products, no styling

Makeup                 Usual, which is minimal

Nails                      No polish

Jewelry                  Cloudy aqua ring from Etsy

                                Aqua/silver, long necklace from Maurice’s

                                No earrings

Jacket                   Beige, gathered-front, ¾ sleeve cardigan

Tops                     Seafoam tank

Bottoms                 Brown dress pants from Bass

Shoes                    Brown flats w/ gold clasps

Purse                    Grey & ivory clutch from Charming Charlie

What Do I Dislike?

  • I mistakenly wore shoes with gold on them when all other accents are silver

What Could Be Better?

  • A little more effort on the finishing touches (nails & hair) could have blown this whole ensemble over the top (lol)
  • In future outfits, I could work more towards the ‘darker top/lighter bottom’ color scheme but don’t think it matters much with this one.

What Do I Like?

  • The ring is my first ring purchase for myself and my first Etsy purchase.  I love it so much!
  • I usually refrain from determining favorites in anything because I feel that it can be limiting… but this pale teal is gorgeous
  • The wide U neckline of my shirt line pulls the eye downward away from my shoulders/chest
  • The long necklace gives a vertical illusion of a longer torso and smaller chest
  • The past-hip length of my tank gives the illusion of a longer torso and wider hips
  • The cardigan is cut shorter than my shirt, giving the illusion of fuller, rounder hips and skinny waistline
  • The elbow length sleeve cuts the overall length of my long arms. 
  • Perhaps the best fit of pants I own

Overall Opinion

  • The best outfit I’ve worn so far!  Okay, we’re only at day 2 but I can see this carrying the #1 spot for a while.

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