365 Day Project- Day 3


Today’s Outfit:  Orange Ya Glad It’s Almost Friday

 *The ‘almost’ was included since it is Thursday.  From now on, jeans will only be worn (occasionally) on Fridays, hence the name clarification. 

Hair                       Washed & blown dry, no products, no styling

Makeup                Slightly more than usual due to the lack of accessories

Nails                      No polish

Jewelry                 Absolutely none   : (

Jacket                   None

Tops                     Orange, ¾ sleeve, cardigan from Maurice’s

                                Ivory undershirt

Bottoms               Jeans from Maurice’s

Shoes                   Brown flats w/ gold clasps

Purse                    Grey & ivory clutch from Charming Charlie

What Do I Dislike?

  • Because I was running REALLY late for work, I am wearing jeans (which goes against my goal of creating a professional, polished look)
  • Utter lack of accessories and finishing touches

What Could Be Better?

  • I somehow no longer own orange or gold accessories and will need to purchase some.  Luckily, Charming Charlie has a location opening roughly a mile from my work very soon!
  • My undershirt could’ve been a little longer, which would’ve increased the illusion of a longer torso and wider hips

What Do I Like?

  • I like this color orange paired with the dark denim
  • The jeans have back pocket flaps, which give the impression of a fuller rear- haha
  • The cardigan is cut shorter than my undershirt.  Both shirts are form fitting, which eliminates a bulky look but achieves nice layering for accentuation of a tiny waist and the illusion of rounder, fuller hips. 
  • The elbow length sleeve cuts the overall length of my long arms. 

Overall Opinion

  • It’s okay but boring.  I like the challenge of what to add/change to create a work chic version for an occasional jeans-on-Friday.  Perhaps adding a blazer, definitely accessories, paired with some great shoes!

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