365 Day Project- Day 4


Today’s Outfit:  Blueberry Surprise 

Hair                     Washed & blown dry, no products, no styling

Makeup               Usual, which is minimal

Nails                    No polish

Jewelry               Dangling, pearl earrings

                               Pearl necklace

                               No rings or bracelets

Jacket                  Beige, gathered-front, ¾ sleeve cardigan

                               Tan, button-down cardigan from Van Heusen

Tops                    Pale blue, ruffled tank with pearl & button embellishments

Bottoms              Dress Pants from Maurice’s

Shoes                   Medium brown flats with buckle

Purse                    Grey & ivory clutch from Charming Charlie

What Do I Dislike?

  • The big drop of blueberry yogurt that I spilled on my shirt (hence, the name of the outfit)
  • I’m unsure about the horizontal ruffles on this shirt.  I feel like they give the illusion of a droopy, bigger chest due to where the first ruffle line is.  Also, adding the gathered cardigan over it made everything seem bulky, exaggerating my inverted V body type.  Therefore, I switched jackets to the tan cardigan I conveniently had in my office.

What Could Be Better?

  • If I had known I would switch jackets, I would’ve paired this outfit with my tan heels.  I’m starting to realize how important shoes are to an outfit.  They can make or break it.
  • I think I would’ve preferred a long, fun necklace over the pearl accessories

What Do I Like?

  • These are my favorite pants I own
  • The pants have an ‘i am SMART’ tag inside by the buttons.  There’s nothing like little, positive reminders throughout the day
  • The tan cardigan has a deep v neck and vertical element with the buttons down, elongating my torso.  The tie around the waist with the bow at the side accentuates a small waist.
  • The colors of the jacket and the pants go amazing together.  I will have to remember this!!

Overall Opinion

  •  Not my favorite but not bad.  A little too dressy for a Friday (but I have a big meeting today with my boss’s boss)


Milestone/Predictions Update

  •  Ashley gave birth to Maria on Wednesday
  • The orthodontist said he will start taking braces off at my next appointment
  • Beau and I are searching for matching wedding bands

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