Finding the Dress

We are essentially engaged… merely waiting on the ring for official announcement to our families and close friends.

This will be the second marriage for both of us; each having had the classic, formal, fairytale wedding with almost everyone we know in attendance. I have already experienced the careful planning of every detail for the perfect wedding and reception, sparing no expense. I can’t speak for his, but my reception was amazing… which he can attest to since he was at my first wedding (life is full of irony) with the hula hoop contest being a topic of discussion for months following.

But neither wants that stuff when we get married this time around. I’m not interested in embarking on a six to twelve month project to plan the perfect wedding & reception, especially while working full time, being a full time student, and running a photography business. We don’t want to pick and choose a wedding party amongst all of our loved ones, figure out a religiously correct ceremony that wouldn’t offend either side of our families, or receive wedding presents because we already have everything we need. We want it to be about us, our commitment, and God; not about a huge party. It should be something private, personal, spiritual, special, romantic, relaxed, and enjoyable.

Off the top, preference would be for us to go to a destination wedding /honeymoon for a week (in spring?) and come back to celebrate a small, fun, non-traditional reception in his backyard with family and close friends (food truck?, yard games, bon fire, fireworks). This means that I need to hurry and find a dress!!

I’m searching for a look that suggests natural, untamed beauty, especially if we will be barefoot in the sand.  I will be going with a hairstyle that is either half up or all down with large waves, possibly a flower.   

This style is the winner so far.  The bottom of the dress almost looks like waves washing onto the shore.   

Lazaro 2

I also love this dress that Ashley Greene is wearing but she is amazing and can pull anything off.  Not sure I could. 🙂

Ashley Greene in Donna Karan Atelier

Aw, well… the search continues!  ❤


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