Laying the Foundation

Looking back on previous years of my life, I could assign a theme for each based on an experience or two that happened to me during that timeframe. Such as:

     2006 the year of awakening
     2007 the year of opportunity
     2008 the year of great career success
     2009 the year of compromise
     2010 the year of self discovery
     2011 the year of simple pleasures
     2012 the year of soaking in knowledge & growth

Most of the experiences that have shaped me and defined those time periods were unplanned events (of various scales) that I didn’t proactively, consciously strive for. I do enjoy living life by the seat of the pants for daily experiences when there is nothing that I ‘need’ to do. But on the other hand, I feel an event worthy of setting a theme for a year of my life should be deliberate when possible. (God, I can hear you laughing). Anyway, I would rather try to set goals and plan instead of waiting to see what life puts directly in my path.

Therefore, I have decided that 2013 is going to be the year of laying the foundation with the following goals in mind.


  • Return to Tulane and complete 50% of the courses required for a programming/web design degree
  • Research companies and narrow down to 3-5 for future application

Home & Health

  • Develop & implement a weekly workout program with Beau 
  • Setup greenhouse
  • Get married


  • Rollout updated pricing model
  • Incorporate additional photographer
  • Preliminary projects for the indoor/outdoor home studio

I will start out with these focal areas so my plan is reasonable and achievable.  Where will I find the time on top of my full time job and sleep?  It’s simple actually: I won’t ‘find’ the time, I will ‘make’ it. Finding the time is a reactive and risky methodology; waiting on the right circumstances to align in order to provide a window of opportunity. What a slow and inefficient path to personal growth or accomplishment. Making the time is proactive, helps to create tangible milestones, and merely requires planning for implementation.  Therefore, I’ve been carving out the time for these priority items. It’s amazing how much residual time there is for impromptu plans with family, friends, and hobbies.

Everyone is alloted the same amount of time in each day.  The difference lies in how it is used.


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