In Need of Color

‘Color Splash’ing My Office

I’ve been in my new office for a little over a year and it still lacks color, character, and inspiration. Due to campus requirements, the walls are the signature light grey (much lighter than the picture turned out) and the carpet is dark squares of alternating greys.  Doesn’t it look drab and dull?!  Bleh…


The color scheme I used in my prior office was purple & blue since it seemed to pull those hues out of the floor.  After 4 years, I’ve grown tired of it.  Also, my current office is always freezing and the cool color scheme only makes it feel colder.  Brrrr, my fingers are blue…..



I want my office to look fresh, clean, and warm.  I should feel inspired, energetic, and happy.  Looking around at newer decor I’ve brought into my office, I picked up on some colors and elements that I really like (plants for natural/fresh aura, candles & coffee beans for warmth).



This lead me to to create the following palette of coffee bean, limes, Tulane green and white.


Now for the fun part, going shopping to make the vision come alive.  (Neat tidbit- While searching decor ideas online, I learned Pantone’s color of 2013 happens to be Emerald, which will make finding complementary decor easier). 

Have a great superbowl weekend! xoxo



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