[Exciting Update to] In Need of Color

Creating an Office with a View

To Recap:

A few posts ago, I spoke about wanting to ‘colorsplash’ my office.  Essentially, it was cold and drab and I yearned to add warmth and color.  I selected the following color palette of coffee bean, limes, Tulane green, and white based on elements I enjoyed in my office.




Since then, I’ve made small changes to add pops of color: new pots for plants, new corkboard squares on wall, removed purple flowers from arrangement, new beverage tumbler, new hand sanitizer, changed screen saver, new file folders, new scissors, and new post-its notes.


~Here comes the exciting part!!~ 

I have been saving the biggest opportunity for last-  a large, plain wall reserved for a striking piece to make my color composition complete.  Originally, I planned for an amazing piece of art, which led me to perouse several art and crafts stores for the perfect piece.  Nothing moved me to  point of swiping my card and answering the 20 questions that followed… until last night at Hobby Lobby. 

 I happened upon the ornamental wall decor aisle and found an 11.8 x 35.5, distressed, teal/brown frame enclosing a wrought-iron design.  It reminded me of a shutter and *bam* destiny happened.  I decided that I would make a faux window for my office.  By chance, they had one more ‘shutter’ in stock, which I quickly stashed in my cart with the other.  To complement my color palette, I decided to include a New Orleans design theme to my vision.  This was great because I already have several fleur de lis and photos I’ve taken of New Orleans in my office. 

Now I needed to find my window frame.  I headed over to the frames but nothing looked quite right without modification being required.  I sulked over to the clearance aisle as a last resort and couldn’t believe my luck.  Among the various crap were two (not one, not three), aged, wooden frames that were roughly the same size as my shutters.  I was like, “Faux real?!!”  (Sorry, I couldn’t help the pun).  See photo below of all 4 pieces laid out on the Hobby Lobby floor. 


So now the biggest challenge of all; finding a realistic, vertical, new orleans-themed print to coordinate with my color scheme.  Also, since I’m piece-mealing my custom window, the dimensions are non-standard making trimming required. I made my way to the print section and began thumbing through options.  If I was a betting woman, I would’ve gone to Harrah’s after leaving Hobby Lobby.  I found a keeper (matching all of the desired criteria) within five minutes of my search. 

Here are the five pieces assembled out on the floor in the aisle.  I aligned it to where I will trim the print.  Note: The shine on the print will go away after I remove the plastic wrapper.  

Faux Window

Getting back to color palette, the print matches perfectly but the shutters are too teal.  I headed over to the paint section to pick up lime and sepia acrylics to paint and sand in select areas.


It is at this point that my wonderful boyfriend met me at Hobby Lobby since we were going to dinner after.  He gave me some great ideas on how to further improve my faux window.  This weekend we will head over to Home Depot to find some antiqued, swivel brackets to attach the shutters to the window.  This will allow me to open and close them as desired insteading of merely hanging them on the wall.  Also, we are going to assemble it so that the window fits over any print on the wall allowing easy changeouts based on season, holiday, or event (Mardi Gras, Christmas, etc…)  The final recommendation he had was to include a wooden ledge to give it more of a 3-D, real feel.  I could even put a small decoration on the ledge!

Stay tuned for the after photo!!!


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