‘The’ Dress <3

With a rapidly approaching engagement and plans to have the wedding shortly thereafter (roughly 4 months or less), I have been fervently searching for a dress since it will drive the wedding date.  I am amazed that within a week, I have found the dress to marry the man of my dreams in… and at a great cost too!  It’s a beautiful, ivory symphony of lace, satin, and taffeta with a lace-up back.  What the photos don’t show is how it will pair with my ring and the beautiful bridal sash I have chosen…. not to mention the other accessories that I haven’t yet chosen (veil, jewelry, shoes, hair accessory).    I haven’t decided if I want to add any type of sheer/lace sleeves or straps.  I feel I have time for that.  I can’t believe that it will be in my possession as soon as mid July!   See below for photos:

Dress 1

Dress 3

Dress 2

Bridal Sash 3Bridal Sash 1


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