5 years later… 2018

May 2013.  It has been nearly  f i v e  y e a r s  since my last blog post.  I simply cannot believe it.  Yet, when I look back at all that has happened, I guess I can see why blogging dropped off of the list of priorities.

  • June 2013- Beau officially proposed to me
  • June 2013- I switched careers
  • March 2014- Major cut back on photography sessions
  • May 2014- We got married & honeymoon
  • October 2014 to January 2016- Took hiatus from most social media platforms
  • December 2014- Officially finished Tulane
  • February 2015- Pregnant with first child
  • May 2015- Walked the graduation stage
  • November 2015- Had my first child
  • September 2016- Pregnant with second child
  • April 2017- Had my second child

It’s been exciting but I have missed all things photography.  I’m finally getting back to a point I can make it part of my life again.  With two little ones under foot, I won’t be able to do photo sessions on a weekly basis.  However, I have a laundry list of other goals to accomplish this year in preparation.

  • Weekly blog posts
  • Continue to build my website, Instagram and other marketing tools
  • Focus on attracting northshore customer base
  • Learn how to use the CNC machine in order to design/build custom props to use during my sessions or for clients to rent or purchase
  • Build my backyard photography studio
  • Continue landscaping for the outdoor part of the studio
  • Continue to hone my photography skills
  • Minimum of 12 photo sessions

So, this was just a short blog to get my feet wet again.  I’ve heard if you announce your goals, there is a higher chance of completing them so here it is.  So excited about 2018!



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