“Why not?”

For years now, I have dreamt of building my very own, at-home, indoor/outdoor photography studio on our 4-acre property.  Countless hours have been spent scouring the internet (specific credit to Pinterest) in search of inspiration.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve seen every image relating to the words vintage, rustic, farmhouse, reclaimed, bricked, weathered, shotgun, New Orleans style, raised house, and courtyard.  Below is the collage of my favorites- the exact look and feel I am desiring.


My Studio Inspiration Collage

So, at the end of 2016, I showed the collage to my husband.  It was just on a whim.  I was still dreaming, not believing it would happen… well, at least not for another 10-15 years.  He surprised me when he asked,

“Why not”?

Those two words right there.  They were the start of my dream being awakened, taking shape, making progress.  I had no good reason for why I shouldn’t do it or why I hadn’t already started.  And even more so, here was my husband saying he was fully on board.  In fact, in just a matter of days, my husband weaved my dream into an executable design.  It was real.

January 2017, the first flag went in the ground.  We painstakingly mapped out where the building will be constructed.  We have cleared the trees, leveled the ground with loads of dirt/sand and it’s ready for construction to begin.  A N D!… it’s just been sitting.

It’s my fault.  I am the bottleneck.  I need to pick out the doors and windows to finalize the design for the contractors.  Sounds like such a simple task, right?!  Wrong.

Yes, there are some knowns.  The front doors will be double, french, vintage doors.  However, I haven’t committed to how tall, how wide, or how much open area in the frame.  Even more complex is the windows, how many, where will they be located, how tall, how wide, skylights…  All of these factors will determine how much natural light will flow into the studio, where the light will be at all times of day, methods to close off that light as desired, wall space, storage space, and footprint area for my setups/scenes.  To top it off, there is a need to fulfill my requirement that everything in the studio be ‘backdrop worthy’.

So, this weekend, I have decided,

“Why not”?

Errands and household chores can take the backseat.  Meals can be ordered/picked up, if needed.  I’m making the trips to The Green Project and White Elephant (possibly others) to pick out those doors and windows of my dream.   Wish me luck xoxo


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